The power of Quilt

2008, TwentseWelle,
The Netherlands

The power of Quilt


The first exhibition in the new wing of the TwensteWelle for temporary exhibitions tells the story of the history of quilt and patchwork. The parade of extraordinary figures in the first hall illustrates the various functions of the 'two sheets with filling inbetween'. In earlier times, quilting offered protection from the cold and protection from arrows and it also lent a magical significance to clothing. In the large middle hall, there are contemporary quilts with a story, like the enormous memorial quilt made by English quilters to commemorate the fire work disaster in Enschede, or the ten examples from the quilters guild in New York to commemorate the 9/11 attack. The last hall is dedicated to quilts of the future made from high-tech materials. The temporary nature of the exhibition is symbolised by using cardboard in the design.


Design, Production and Installation